A-K-A-Day is a virtual charity initiative which promotes health and wellbeing in the memory of Robert Rowan.


A-K-A-DAY is a virtual charity challenge designed to encourage and support your health and wellbeing throughout the month of

May and beyond. We want to inspire people of all ages and abilities to get out and move for at least 1km each day.


Walk, run, skate, cycle, roll – you can cover the distance any way you want to, so long as the power comes from you! You can also

choose a combination of activities e.g. run one day and walk the next, so long as you cover the daily distance.


There are a variety of distances to suit any age and level of fitness ranging from a half km challenge for our youngest participants

right up to 5k for those looking to clock up some serious miles over the course of the month.


We are asking for a £15 donation to take part in the challenge to support Cardiac Risk in the Young.







How do I enter?

Entries are taken via Entry Central. Click here to enter. 


Can I enter late?

Entries will be taken up until the 10th May, but be warned, we’ll still expect you to cover the full distance e.g. if you sign up for 1k per day on the 10th, you’ll still need to cover 31km by the end of May.


Can I enter on behalf of other family members?

As we hope to encourage lots of families to take part together, one person from a household can register for the entire family. Each person will receive a unique number and of course your A-K-A-Day medal.

How do I track my distance?

There are many options for tracking distances including Strava, Map My Run, Apple Watches or a good old fashioned diary. A tracking planner template can be downloaded here.


What if my phone dies or I lose my tracking for some reason?

Don’t stress, just keep a note of it and explain when you submit your evidence. 


What happens if I miss a day?

We understand that certain situations can arise which may impact on being able to complete the challenge each day, hello self-isolation! Therefore if you do have to miss a day or two just make it up later in the month.


Won’t people lie and say that’ve done it even if they haven’t?

Maybe. But that’s on them. We would hope that in keeping with the spirit of the event, that participants would be truthful and committed to completing the distance. Would you lie for a medal you didn’t earn? Nope, us either. 

What charity benefits from the money raised?


The money raised from this challenge will be donated to CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) a charity dedicated to preventing young sudden cardiac deaths. CRY are committed to reducing such deaths through awareness, screening, and research. CRY have a dedicated fund set up in Robert’s name and the money raised from this event will be given directly to this fund in order to facilitate heart screening sessions for young people in the UK.